1980-1983   Polytechnic Institute of Szczecin, Dept. of Architecture, Poland
   1985-1991   Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, Poland
Professional Experience
   Art teacher in college, elementary schools
   Graphic designer and Illustrator
   Works for restoration enterprises
   Set decorator on movie productions
Member of Polish Artists Federation (ZPAP), World Federation of Miniaturists
SOLO/GROUP Exhibitions
             Poland, Europe, United States, Japan, Australia
             DAAD Scholarship, Germany
             Award in contest "Access to Education" org. by UNIC, Poland
             Scholarship of Ministry of Culture, Poland
Worth the Extra Steps  by J.Woodard     Los Angeles Times, July 23, 1998
/…/The opening show offers a suitably diverse menu of aesthetics.
Best of all, Polish photographer Hanna Zbroniec fascinates with the kind of metaphor-fortified imagination we often see in the work of Eastern Europeans,
who are naturally inclined or forced by repressive circumstances to work under cover
of abstraction. The series entitled "Ptasznik" /birdhouse/ details vignettes from some dimension between waking and dreaming worlds./…/ The tension enhances the abstract drama./…/
Ways to the Essence  by B.Kesler            Wumme Zeitung, September 13, 1996
The source of Hanna Zbroniec’s works is philosophical. Her center questions are: what
is the essence? The wrap or the contents? What is real? What are a sense and a hope?
/…/ These questions are hiding in and behind this foil – works./…/
The installation “The way” shows itself as extraordinary fascinating.
A big wall out of loam grows up in front of the spectator. People which are formed out
of loam equally, are climbing up this wall. The artist shows a plain of consciousness
and individual perception by it. A good exhibition is managed by artist. /…/